Quietly, in the Background

For over a year this blog has quietly sat here in its little corner of cyberspace. Visitors come and visitors go; a few comments here, a few emails there. I'm writing today to say The Fascinating Woman has served its time, for me. I stopped writing all those months ago because so many other interests crowded into my day. Since then my life has been brim full with acting school and violin lessons; learning to make pie and eating macaroons; there have been walks in the sunshine and bike rides in the rain; reading the novels of Dorothy Canfield Fisher and the plays of William Shakespeare. There have been new friends and old friends; lots of laughter and the release of tears. One sister married and three who announced pregnancies. Through all of this there has been my husband, my dear wonderful husband. A man who is perfect for me. Who listens. Who cares. Who is a whole lot of fun to be with.

Fascinating Womanhood gave me principles to build a strong marital relationship with. The Fascinating Woman helped me examine those principles in light of the realities of my life, my values. For both I am grateful.

This blog will, for now, continue sitting here quietly. On January 1st, in accordance with the copyright agreement with Fascinating Womanhood all posts originally written by Helen Andelin will be taken offline. You may still view her articles on the official Fascinating Womanhood website. All other posts here will remain up for your perusal and sharing. Hopefully they will act as aides in your marriages to bring you, as was brought me, a strong foundation of martial felicity.

Miss Liss


Lydia said...

Just found your blog. Thanks so much!

Roxanne said...

Just found your blog! Why were all of Helen Andelin's posts removed from online?

miss liss said...

Hi Roxanne,

The articles have been taken down because that was the copyright deal I made with the estate of Helen Andelin.
I see that the official website has been taken down now. I do not know why.
At this writing Helen's book, Fascinating Womanhood, is still available for purchase.