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September I was on the internet less than during the summer. Still, I came across interesting whatnots.

We Will Not Grow Old by Lenka - I became a fan of Anthropologie on Facebook. There on the sidebar is music. What luck! Little Toy Gun by honeyhoney is darkly amusing [the video more dark than amusing, but what can you expect when Jack Bauer makes a cameo?]. The video above is We Will Not Grow Old by Lenka, my other favorite by Lenka is Anything I'm Not. [oh, and by the way, for some music videos that incorporate paper craft check out I Don't Know and Lille by Lisa Hannigan.]

Seven Spoons - If I subscribed to only one food blog, this would be it. Gorgeous photography, a story behind each recipe, yummy food. The recent gnocchi escapade (part 1; part 2) means I've earmarked two recipes to try in the ensuing weeks.

At the River - Note to husband: Let's show these to Annaliese before we have our next portraits done; as inspiration; what do you think? Me thinks beautiful.

Dosha Quiz - One of the most useful self-diagnostic tools; this quiz forumlated by the [Deepak] Chopra Center asks questions relating to each dosha (the make-up of all beings according to Ayurveda, the ancient Indian health philosophy). Discover your Dosha and discover how to balance yourself.

Pillow Talk - Jia from Color Me Untypical has some of the most amusing between husband and wife conversations. This one centers on what to do about her itching mosquito bite - that's where it starts anyway. Brighten up your day with more interchanges here and here.

Made With Love: Terrariums - This Design*sponge post is link worthy mostly because of the amusing comment by Anne. Scroll down and find Pete's comment - then scroll a little further to find Anne's (there will be pink-shaded comments from Grace right after each if that makes it easier to find). That said, I'm contemplating actually making a terrarium. There's a rock wall near my house that's lousy with moss and some beautiful small yellow flower "weeds" across the way. One day some of each might make it into a glass enclosure to sit in front of the color-sorted button jars.

Elephantine -  Rachel, in Seattle, shares one picture/four square of pictures (okay so sometimes it's 2 or 6 but usually 1 or 4) each post and a short, usually humorous, ancedote. Pretty pictures + personal anecdotes + editing = a heavenly blog. Plus she makes beautiful jewelry; if only the celadon tear drops came on a gold chain.

Artwork of Natasha Newton - There's something about the textures and colors of these beautiful pieces that is incredibly soothing. I particularly like the landscapes.

Emily Post on Post - As a card-carrying member of Letter Writers Alliance (hee hee, yeah, I'm nerdy like that) I think it only right that I pass on these tips for letter-writing from the Queen of etiquette. From the link-within-the-link longer article were a few tidbits I'm tickled pink to pass on to you:

No one likes to get letters of calamity, gloomy apprehension, petty misfortunes; those that meander too much; those which are pompous; are a chronic apology; or say nothing at all. Concerning the latter, Ms. (Mrs?) Post offers an example of a very welcome "nothing" letter -
Dear --,
Life here is as dull as ever—duller if anything. Just the same old things done in the same old way—not even a fire engine out or a new face in town, but this is to show you that I am thinking of you and longing to hear from you.
Love, --
Also, a few rules for "the young girl or woman" who is determined to write letters to men - particularly those not her husband.
Never send a letter without reading it over and making sure that you have said nothing that can possibly “sound different” from what you intend to say.
Never so long as you live, write a letter to a man—no matter who he is—that you would be ashamed to see in a newspaper above your signature.
Remember that every word of writing is immutable evidence for or against you, and words which are thoughtlessly put on paper may exist a hundred years hence.
Never write anything that can be construed as sentimental.
Never take a man to task about anything; never ask for explanations; to do so implies too great an intimacy.
Never put a single clinging tentacle into writing. Say nothing ever, that can be construed as demanding, asking, or even being eager for, his attentions!
Always keep in mind and never for one instant forget that a third person, and that the very one you would most object to, may find and read the letter.
One word more: It is not alone “bad form” but laying yourself open to every sort of embarrassment and danger, to “correspond with” a man you slightly know.
As one who has been a young woman lacking prudence; possessed of an embarrassing set of letters/emails/etc which I can only hope have been burned by the recipients; let me add - amen!

Along with an urging to read the Bible, you may read a caution to men to remain gentlemen by never writing a word which might sully a woman's reputation.

My Best to You All ~
Miss Liss

  1. I am grateful the alarm on my cell phone isn't too jarring.
  2. I am grateful for corn dogs and horseradish mustard (several meals in the last ten days).
  3. I am grateful my husband doesn't cringe when I slaughter Chinese pronunciation.
  4. I am grateful September was such a gorgeous month - weather wise.
  5. I am grateful to the person who invented a genuinely sticky pad that can adhere hooks to walls and hold when stuff is placed on those hooks; the management company is grateful too.


Sofia Deyanira said...

I just had to say how much I love Lisa Hannigan's voice and talent too! I first heard her in Damien Rice a while back and love her new stuff!

Buffy said...

Good links, thanks for sharing.