quotable quotes: motherhood


It's Mother's Day. A dear female crusader Anna Jarvis is responsible for this holiday. It was her efforts that led to Woodrow Wilson declaring the second Sunday of May a national holiday to honor mothers. To Anna Jarvis' dismay the day quickly degenerated into a "commercial hoopla" instead of the intended inspiration to simple loving gestures [Ban Breathnach, Sarah. Mrs. Sharp's Traditions, pp. 129].

In honor of this day I chose some epitaphs concerning motherhood from a book whose heroine lived before all the hoopla: Anne of Ingleside - click here to read.

  1. I am grateful my own mother went through 14 hours of difficult labor (sans drugs) so that I could exercise my right to free speech.
  2. I am grateful Becky gave me perspective - in my church ALL women are given something on Mother's Day whether mothers or not, and it bothers me to no end, until now, now I accept the gift on behalf of some mother who went unacknowledged.
  3. I am grateful for a husband who cleans.
  4. I am grateful for books.
  5. I am grateful I enjoy sweeping because hardwood floors need it regularly.
  6. I am grateful it's lilacs season.